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Elliptical Trainers Burn Calories Efficiently

Elliptical trainers burn calories efficiently. Efficiently in terms of shorter period with the same or sometimes more than calories burned off in other exercise equipments. There are a lot of elliptical trainers coming out of the market that you should be wary of which ones to chose.

The elliptical trainer used to be just gym equipment, but today there are more and more that bring this equipment to their homes. There are companies who have worked to make it compact to fit in your homes.

The basic theory behind the equipment lies on the combined upper and lower movements. This also contributes much to users avoiding being bored with one stroke of movement.

An elliptical trainer also comes with some extra features so you may want to choose the best ones for you. There are some that have book holder, so you can enjoy your favorite books or review your assignment while exercising. Some elliptical trainers have iPod holders too.

These elliptical trainers can be personalized according to your body composition, height, weight and body fat composition. In the same manner, this would need such inputs to correctly estimate the number of calories burned while exercising.

The usual recommended time to spend in an elliptical trainer is 30 minutes. But you can actually increase calorie burning within the same period. If you would use your elliptical trainer twice a day with 15 minutes each, this increases your heart rate leading to faster metabolism rate in between the two exercise periods thus, burning more calories.

Another tip to optimize your elliptical trainers is to adjust the resistance level. By having a higher resistance, this actually increases the force you exert into your exercise, but these avoid strains in certain parts of the body, especially the lower back. Every other week or month you can vary your resistance level so that you can also vary the feel of your workout.

Since elliptical trainers have an upper body workout, this also helps in adding muscles groups in your work out. If you have more muscles moving, this means extra calories are burned off. It contributes to toning some of the upper body problem areas.

One of the newest in the market has stride adjustments. Some companies claim that the bigger stride burn off more calories, this may have some truth to it since bigger strides require more effort, thus more calories burned. Besides, this may also help adjusting to legs’ length and the comfort of ‘striding’.