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10 Slim Down Tips


No one likes counting calories; so if that approach to weight loss isn't working for you, try tossing that calorie counter.

Effortless but effective lifestyle choices like cutting back on TV, drinking more water, weighing yourself once a day and creating a support group that encourages you to reach your goals are all great tools to assist your weight loss goals.   By making just a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle, instead of drastic ones, you are more likely to develop and stick with new habits.   Please be aware that new habits usually take 90 days of consistent implementation before they become second nature, but if you can stick with them- the results will be amazing.   Here are a few of my favorite tips:

•  Cut back on TV . If you are watching more than two hours a day, you are missing out on the opportunity to take a walk with a friend or play outdoor games with your kids.   Even small increases of additional physical activity will energize you and assist with burning more calories.   You'll also gain the benefit of becoming closer to the people in your life.

•  Find a reliable and encouraging friend to support your goals .   In order to lose weight and maintain it, you need a friend who can cheer you on and praise you.   Stay away from anyone who is negative and belittles you about your goals.   Chances are that they are jealous of your dedication and feel threatened by your new lifestyle.   If you don't have anyone in your immediate friendship circle to cheer you on, try joining a gym, a class or a weight-loss support group where others are seeking to accomplish similar goals.

•  Weigh yourself once a day.   Studies show that daily weigh-ins are the key to lasting loss.   The scale makes you accountable to yourself.   If you are slipping with your new habits, the scale is one thing in your life that you can count on to be honest.   Pick the same time and the same scale every day to do your weigh-in for the most reliable results.

•  Keep a food & exercise diary.   Write down everything (and I mean everything) that you eat during the day.   And yes, even that mini fun-sized candy bar counts.   You will be surprised when you see on the page everything you ate and how quickly the calories add up.   Also, take note of when you exercise, what you do and for how long.   When you commit to this on paper, it helps your mental commitment to exercise as well.

For more easy to implement slim down tips, check out the article below.   This article also provides you with some inspirational examples of people who used these tips and got results.,5778,s1-4-88-279-6986-1,00.html